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FMEA Training - Kuala Lumpur - May/June 2014

Wed 05 February 14

FMEA Training - Kuala Lumpur - May/June 2014

A 2 day training course on FMEA in KL will be coming soon in May/June 2014.

Course Modules

Day 1

Module 1: Reliability Centered Maintenance

• Where RCM fits in with Asset Management and Best Practice
• The Purpose and Principles of RBM
• The RBM process used by Network Rail
RCM: The 7 basic questions
• Applying the RCM process
• What RCM achieves

Module 2: Primary and Secondary functions
• How to identify & describe
• Performance and operating context
• How functions should be listed
o Group Exercise: Identify & describe the primary and secondary functions on your live case studies

Module 3: Functional Failures
• Functions and failures
• Performance standards and failures
• How functional failures should be listed
o Group Exercise: Describe your functions and failures to your case study

Module 4: FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis)
• What is a failure mode and its characteristics
• Why analyse failure modes
• Categories of failure mode
• How much detail?
• Root cause analysis
• Probability and consequence
• Failure Effects
• Evidence of failure
• Sources of information
• Safety and environmental hazards
• How to FMEA should be listed
o Group Exercise: Apply FMEA to case study

Day 2

Module 5: Failure Consequences
• Safety and environmental consequences
• Tolerability and worth doing decisions
• Hidden and evident failures
• Operational consequences
• Non-operational consequences
• Hidden failure consequences
o Group Exercise: Apply learning to case study

Module 6: Predicting and preventing failure
• Age related failures
• Component life
• Mean time between failure
• P-F interval
• How to evaluate whether preventative maintenance is appropriate
o Group Exercise: Application of techniques to case study

Module 7: Selecting proactive tasks
• The possibility of no scheduled maintenance
• How to develop a scheduled maintenance plan for an asset
• How to build on the output of previous RBM analysis
o Group Exercise: application to Case Study

Module 8: Implementation
• Cross functional team and resources
• The implementation process for new maintenance regimes
• The timescales for process

Module 9: Putting it all into practice
• Outline process of what is required in your organisation
• Implementation map
• Actions

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