Focused Workshops

We design and facilitate workshops, meetings, away days and team building events which are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. Specialise in innovative, high participation meeting facilitation and workshops, emphasising clarity, accountability and action to improve productivity and performance.

Workshops and other events are a fantastic way of getting fresh ideas, finding out what people think, making decisions and planning, harnessing group energy and creativity and generating commitment and energy for change.

We ensure that we facilitate participative and productivity from strategic planning to value engineering with leadership and project teams.

Scope . Create . Design . Implement

  • New Project/Joint Venture Kick-Off Meetings
  • Process Mapping
  • Team building workshops and events
  • System analysis
  • Risk workshop
  • Project Risk workshop
  • Value Management (VM1 and VM2)
  • Value Engineering
  • Strategy Development - Vision and Values Workshops with Directors/Senior Managers
  • Cross Company/Cross Discipline 'Network' Facilitation and Support
  • Bespoke tailored workshops
  • Functionality mapping
  • Partnering Workshops
  • Lessons Learned Workshop


If you would like a bespoke workshop or event please contact us for more information.


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