Developing People

We believe the most valuable asset in any organisation is people, so we ensure that our training packages are designed with that in mind so that it is embedded into practice, as we believe this is what makes the difference.

Our Approach

  • Timescale - We work with you and respond quickly and fit in with your timetable. We design and deliver programmes in your timescales
  • Sustainability - We create a sense of commitment and energy that continues after the event - often lasting years. This unique quality greatly enhances the quality of the learning of our participants as we like to embed training into practice.
  • Flexibility - We customise your programme's style, duration, activity and number of participants for maximum effectiveness. Our consultants are willing to assess the needs of participants and plan & design accordingly.
  • Our expertise in facilitating learning - We have the capacity to quickly understand your business issues. You then benefit from our skill in integrating theory and practice for developing people.

Scope . Design . Delivery . Coaching & Support

  • Risk Management - Strategic . Business . Programme . Operational . Project risk .
    Asset risk
  • Functionality
  • Process Mapping
  • System Analysis Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Value Management & Value Engineering -
    Basic . Advanced 1 . Advanced 2
  • All the VM/VE courses are accredited by the IVM Institute of Value Management which can lead to professional qualification of a CVM (Certified Value Manager) and PVM (Professional Value Manager).


Please note that training courses can be accredited by a professional body or CPD (continual professional development points)


If you would like to discuss your training requirements with a member of Bespoke Consultancy Services contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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